Application of Molybdenum Bar

Molybdenum Bar Picture

Molybdenum bar is mainly used in drawing thin molybdenum wire, molybdenum electrode and steel-making additives. Meanwhile, molybdenum bar is available in oyher fields.

Molybdenum bar in paint 

Producing paint is one of main application of molybdenum bar. Molybdenum bar is critical additive of paint producing. The assortment of UM and particle decide the transparency of paint. What’s more, molybdenum bar owns the properties of high temperature tolerance, high weariness tolerance, low thermal expansion, high corrosion resistance and PH stableness, therefore, with molybdenum bar, the paint can increase its corrosion resistance and rheology behavior.

Molybdenum bar in plastic polymer 

Molybdenum bar is a very significant stuffing material, especially in Europe, which accounts for 60% of molybdenum bar stuffing material and intensifier. Molybdenum bar used as stuffing material is to plastify PVC (grid, etc. calcium carbonate heavy accounts for 10%~30 %,), UPVC (rigid PVC door and window, profiled bar and plate account for 5%~20%), unsaturated PC sheet molybdenum bar (cars, appliances, etc.), Polypropylene (furniture, car, package and fiber). With molybdenum bar and calcium carbonate heavy,plastic will have lager space, and can decrease cost. Meanwhile, they can take advantage of molybdenum properties.

Molybdenum bar in paper making industry 

Molybdenum bar used in paper making industry can increase paper brightness, solid structure, and dry speed. Molybdenum instead of wood pulp and other pigments can improve paper's brightness, opacity, porosity, bulk density and so on. Although the use of acid-base environment for production is available, molybdenum is available, too. At present, the application of molybdenum bar in paper making industry has increase from 5% to 10%.